Place heat source on onesie and the meat on the other. 

COOKING TIP: A consistent & well

positioned heat source is key.


1. Place heat source to one side of BBQ pit. Play around with how much coals & wood chips you'll need. A lot depends on the size of the pit, its ability to keep the heat, and what you are cooking. 

2. Place meat on opposite side bone side down.

3. Adjust dampers to allow for good air flow to control heat levels, smoke, & cook time. Typically more air equals more heat.

Pork-rib Cooking Tip - Bone side down for 1 hour, flip over cook other side for 30-45mins, then wrap in foil for remaining 45mins to ensure tenderness and to avoid a overly smokey flavor profile.

WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Peeking less often over the entire cook time, a faster cook time, great color & more tender smoked meats.